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BIG Block 2: Member Rules

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: BIG Block Basics

Chapter 2: BIG Block 2 Member Contribution Programs

Chapter 3: Cancelation & Terms

Chapter 4: Membership Limits

Chapter 5: Participating Members

1.0 BIG Blocks:

*The details provided hereafter constitute the BIG Block 1 Member Rules Agreement.

BIG Group is made up of 7 Independent Group Investment Blocks or BIG Blocks (BB).

Each block is unique and allows for increased investment capital, fund rewards, and investment goals. If a BB does not have a unique investment initiative then funds are directed to the BIG Fund (primary fund) focus.

(a) BIG Block Contributing Member Options

A Contributing Member is an individual who has a current or fulfilled, 12-Month Term, or One-Month Term contract with the appropriate BIG Block.

BIG Block Contributing Members may join the block in one of two options:

  1. Members may join the block with a 12-Month Term subscription, or
  2. Members may join the block with a One-Month Term subscription.

Each Contributing Member Term option has an associated Term Agreement.

2.0 Membership Fee & Distribution:

Monthly BIG Block 1 membership fee: $17.10

(a) Distribution of Membership Fee

Total monthly Member Contribution (investment): $14.00

Processing and crypto conversion fees: $3.10

2.1 Monthly Membership Token Distribution:

Monthly token rewards per member are distributed according to your term agreement.

(a) BBtS12F:BIG

BBtS12F:BIG tokens are staked in the primary BIG Fund (BIG). The BIG Fund is currently generating 240% yearly compounded interest. 23% of your Member Contribution is allocated to your BBtS12F:BIG tokens.

These tokens have a 15-day staking initiation period. Staking periods constitute the time it takes to transfer funds from credit card processors, then to cryptocurrency, then to the appropriate fund.

(b) PIt

PIt tokens accumulate value every 30-day cycle. PIt value is displayed on the PIt token website. PIt can be staked in the BIG Fund (BIG)  as (PIts) and earn monthly compound interest for a period of 6, 12, 18, or 24 months.

2.2 Direct Rewards Program (DRP):

(a) BIG Block Rewards Program

77% of Member Contributions are allocated to the BIG Block Direct Rewards Program (DRP). 

The Direct Rewards Program (DRP) distributes revenue into two initiatives:

(1) Direct Commission Program (DCP)

(2) Personalized Investment Network (PIn)

(b) BIG Block Direct Commission Program (DCP) Rewards Schedule

DCP Rewards are paid out every month to Contributing Members, as BB(1-7)t tokens, according to the BIG Block DCP Reward Schedule:

Level 1 Distribution: 50%; Level 2 Distribution: 19%; Level 3 Distribution: 1%; Level 4 Distribution: 1%; Level 5 Distribution: 1%; Level 6 Distribution: 1%; Level 7 Distribution: 1%; Level 8 Distribution: 1%; Level 9 Distribution: 1%; Level 10 Distribution: 1%

A Level 1 reward is acquired when a new member is referred to the Block. The new member can be referred directly by the active member (you), or the new member can be added by the Block Balancing Algorithm. 

The Block Balancing Algorithm distributes new members, who are not directly referred by a current active member, equally across all block contributing members.

(c) BIG Block 1 Reward Withdraw

Enrollment in the next highest BIG Block is required to make a BBt withdrawal.

Withdrawals are paid as USDT – Tether. Tether is a cryptocurrency that matches the value of the US Dollar (USD).

Maximum Block 1 BBt Reward: 4,000 USDT per month

Maximum Block 1 Withdrawal: 21 USDT per month

(d) BIG Block Expenses

1,364 Management Accounts are allocated to BIG Network expenses and overhead and may receive monthly BBt distributed to each Management Account according to the BIG Block 1 Rewards schedule. Any available BBt tokens available in Management Accounts may be used to cover member-approved expenses and network overhead.

(e) BIG Block PIn Distribution

Any Member Contributions allocated to the BIG Block Reward Program, that are not paid back to members via DCP, or managed funds via EAt, in a 30-day cycle, are distributed to the PIn Fund.

3.0 Membership Limitations:

No member may have more than (1) one active 12-month term membership and (1) one active one-month term membership in any BIG Block.

No member may have more than (1) one active membership account.

4.0 Cancelation & Refund Policies:

A member may cancel their membership subscription at any time; however, members who join the 12-Month Term contract, and cancel before the initial 12-month term is complete, will be subject to the Token Forfeiture Clause.

(a) Token Forfeiture

In the event a member cancels before completion of the 12-month term, the member will forfeit 30% of tokens previously distributed through the BIG Block membership contract.

There is no forfeiture clause for One-Month Term contracts.

(b) Refunds

By purchasing the BIG Block 1 12-Month Term Membership, you understand and agree that no refunds are available under any circumstances.

All Membership Contributions are allocated to applicable token investment fund protocols, management protocols, Block Rewards programs, and the relative terms and agreement of this contract.

5.0 Participating Members:

Participating Members may have (1) one equal vote in eligible BIG Block Initiatives.

Participating Members include Contributing Members who also meet the following criteria:

(a) Active BIG Block Membership

To be considered as a contributing member each member must have (1) active BIG Block Membership.

(b) Active Participation

To maintain Participating Membership rights, each member must participate in a minimum of (1) initiative vote per quarter.

6.0 Membership Disclosure:

When you join BIG Group as a BIG Block member, you become a voluntary investment member.

No matter how well our teams do their job, no matter how much research is conducted, no matter how promising the opportunity, or certain our analyst… you cannot escape the fact that every investment opportunity comes with the risk of a loss. 

You may lose some, or all, of your investment capital.

Through your membership in BIG Blocks, you are volunteering to invest in the portfolio as outlined in the Member Agreement and Member Rules.

It is your sole responsibility to track BIG Groups’ investment portfolio, which is voted on by Contributing and Participating Members.

You, as a BIG Block Member, are eligible to vote and participate in group investment decisions at your sole discretion and we encourage every member to take full advantage of your personal authority and responsibility to the group.